Patio Watch: Common Maintenance Issues We Ignore

Brisbane offers its residents and tourists alike a wonderful climate and breathtaking scenery. Whether you are in a spectacular resort or the comforts of your own home, it is fitting to enjoy what the coast has to offer. One of the best areas where you can enjoy the scenery is your patio. But your patio should be made of quality materials, such as Stratco patio materials, so it can withstand the elements or sudden changes in the weather.

Australia’s climate makes it a requirement to have an area in the house where you can enjoy the ocean breeze and feel relief from the summer heat. Most homeowners want an outdoor/indoor area where they can enjoy the scenery but still have some protection from the weather.

Patios are now common anywhere in the world. They represent the owners’ taste and personality; provide comfort, relief and security; and maximize the use of our outdoor living areas. But they offer multiple purposes to the homeowner. Patios could also use several designs for their walls and roofs, but whatever their design, materials used or construction, homeowners find that they add to the property value of their home. But do homeowners know how to maintain them?

Common Causes of Patio Damage

Floor damage

We get it – we love to spend time in our patios. Patios are the chosen areas where we could play games, have tea, have a short nap, or even hold a small party. However, we sometimes forget to maintain the patio floor, especially when we spill food, chemicals, or even put heavy equipment and tools in the area. In many cases, the patio’s flooring may be damaged due to negligence.

Mould and mildew

Tree saps, dust, debris and moist unclean surroundings are some of the reason why mould and mildew can ruin your patio. Make sure to keep any area in your patio dry and clean, so you won’t see mould growing in your home.

Your patio is constantly exposed to harsh weather and climate. It is also inherently susceptible to dirt if it is largely open. Even some minor mistake or neglect to check on your metal chairs or table in the patio may prove to be damaging as rust have already formed. Cleaning is important to maintain your patio. Do it regularly and properly.

Uneven placement of tiles

floor tiles installation

Placement is important and requires great care. Uneven placement of tiles, such as concrete, terracotta and marble would result in cracks and chips. It could also result in spills, falls, and other more serious accidents in your home. It’s best to hire professionals who could help you place these patio floor tiles evenly.

Poor drainage

A well-maintained patio requires a proper drainage system. When your patio is not constructed correctly and allows water to pool in certain areas, it could affect the flooring and the foundations of your home. Water damage could require major repairs or replacements because the tiles could crack or chip because of water damage.

Take Care of Your Patio Investment!

Patio maintenance and repairs is never a simple job. Don’t let those harmful elements prevent you from thoroughly enjoying it. Make sure that you follow proper construction and maintenance for your patio so that you could enjoy it for a long time.

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