Make Your Singapore Holiday One to Cherish

Travelling is on the bucket list of most millennials. Many choose to start with local destinations and then proceed to international and exotic places to get to know a culture that is different from theirs. It is an enriching experience, one they will look back in later years.

You may be planning an itinerary of your own, perhaps in a popular destination such as Singapore. Make the most of the experience by doing the following things.

Sample as Many Food Options as You Can

The good thing about Singaporean cuisine is it is not confined to five-star restaurants. You can get some of the best food options in various forms if you know where to eat in Singapore. Most travellers do extensive research to fine-tune their culinary options, seeing as they can only have so many meals in a day. You can take a few minutes each day to look into lists and guides, but do not settle for the recommendation of just one source.

Look for names that constantly appear in various lists. If they can satisfy the palate of many food bloggers, they must be doing something right. Vary your dining options, as well. Try the street food, but leave room for a fancy night out to appreciate Singaporean cooking from various price points.

Take a Walk

Couple travelling

It is one thing to read about Singapore from travel magazines. It is quite different to be there yourself. To travel without regrets, take all the opportunities to immerse in local culture. Take something you only read about and turn it into a first-hand experience. Walk the streets your favourite travel blogger talked about.

Let your senses take over to fill your memory with authentic experiences. You cannot smell the surroundings, feel the heat as you navigate the streets or taste the food if you are only in your room. Do not let tourist traps take all your time, as well. Spend a leisurely afternoon exploring hidden gems around the city-state. This time, you will be the one sharing your own adventures to others who have not been to the place.

Put Your Phone Down

As much as it is fun to update your friends on social media about that brunch you just had or the lights show you saw, they could wait. You are on holiday, and you are not living in the moment if you are always on your phone. Take a couple of pictures, sure, but do not let extensive documentation define the whole trip. It will be just like flipping through someone else’s Instagram feed without being there.

Switch off your phone and try a new activity in Singapore. Or, if you feel like you cannot resist glancing at your notifications, leave the phone in your hotel. You do not have to go far, just in case you get lost, but a couple of hours absorbing everything around you will make you more excited and happy about the trip.

It might not be your first trip to Singapore, but do not waste any opportunity to discover something new about the place. You will come home with plenty of stories to tell and memories to hold on to.

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