Skin Care Resolution: Skincare Habits to Practice in 2019

As the New Year approaches, it’s time to prepare your resolutions for a new you. While you’re thinking of new ways to save cash and follow a fitness routine, don’t forget to update your skin care routine, as well. This 2019 make sure you give extra care to your skin to maintain your youthful glow all-year round.

Improve your routine with these steps for 2019.

Invest in Cosmetics with Dead Sea Minerals

When you’re buying a skincare product, see if it contains Dead Sea minerals. Kedma Cosmetics Philippines explains that these minerals contribute to keeping the skin healthy, smooth, and soft. They also help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, so you’ll stay looking young.

The Dead Sea is popular to tourists because of its incredible healing powers. The salt lake has a unique combination of minerals, including magnesium, potassium, and sodium, giving the lake the abilities to heal different conditions.

Researchers believe that mud from the Dead Sea can minimize skin impurities and dead skin, especially if yours is dry.  Since the lake has salt and magnesium, using its mud as a mask can make your skin more elastic and improve its protective barrier.

Cosmetic products with Dead Sea minerals also work well if you’re experiencing frequent acne breakouts. The said minerals have an antimicrobial effect on acne-causing bacteria present on the skin.

Today, you can find a wide range of beauty products that contain Dead Sea minerals, be it for your face, body, or even your hair.

Use Natural, Organic Products

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The organic food market is growing, which indicates that people are becoming conscious about what they eat. Organic produce uses natural growing methods, so it has fewer chemicals. But organic does not only apply to food because it’s becoming more popular in cosmetics, as well.

In 2019, try to think about cutting back (or eliminating) on products that contain strong ingredients. Try to switch to natural, organic skincare because it could be more beneficial to your skin.

Remember, however, that cosmetics labeled as “organic” use natural and organic products, but not all products with the “natural” label use organic ingredients.

Switching to natural and organic products could also clear up your skin, depending on how your skin reacts. You may test the product on a small area of your skin to determine possible allergic reactions.

Don’t Skip Sunscreen

Applying sunscreen regularly is probably the most common skin care advice. This process can also be easily neglected. In 2019, make it a habit to apply sunscreen, when indoors and especially outdoors.

Excessive sun exposure can cause damage to your skin, which can make your skin age faster and increase your risk of skin cancer. Whether you drive or take the public transport going to your office, don’t skip applying sunscreen because you’re still exposed to the sun’s UV rays.

In the daytime, you may use a moisturizer that already has an SPF of at least 30, particularly if you have an oily skin. There are also makeup products that contain sun protection. This saves you time and money for using separate products.

Investing in quality skin care is not only for aesthetic purposes, but it’s also vital for your general health. Taking extra care of your skin protects you from a variety of conditions, like skin cancer. This new year, give your skin the right treatment it deserves.

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