How Much Should You Spend On Professional Jewelry Cleaning?

Tips in cleaning your jewelryThe average cost of professional cleaning service for jewelry may range between $25 and $50, and it may not be covered by your insurance, depending on your policy. It’s important to keep the following pointers in mind, so you can set the right expectations and retain the beauty of your precious jewelry.

Routine Maintenance and Care

When choosing a service provider, go for a store with experience in handling different types of precious items. If you live in Utah, you could save money on professional cleaning when you buy from a trusted jeweler in Salt Lake City. AAA Jewelers cites that most shops usually offer inspections and cleaning services for a lifetime. Ask if the store provides this benefit.

Owners of fine jewelry, antique pieces, and family heirlooms should be very particular about taking care of their precious items. Vintage sets require an expert hand and eye for cleaning, or you run the risk of losing several years of patina. If you wear items every day, try to have a professional inspect it at least once a year.

Frequency of Cleaning

Regular jewelry wearers should also clean their precious items gently with some light scrubbing once every two weeks. An ultrasonic cleaning machine may be a good investment. The price of this equipment varies, so expect the quality of cleaning to be different based on the cost.

Other than preventing damages, the reason for regular maintenance and care is for hygienic purposes. An allergic reaction to jewelry, especially if you have only experienced it after some time, could mean dirt and bacteria may have accumulated on the surface of the item. Delicate items that you only wear on special days should be cleaned with a soft cloth and a damp toothbrush. Avoid using liquids to remove dirt since it may damage the quality of the stone or other parts.

Jewelry Cleaning Services

Insurance Coverage for Repairs

In case of damages after cleaning the jewelry, it is best to check if you have a protection insurance policy. This allows owners to choose their preferred jeweler for a possible fix to the damaged item. Those who want to have a replacement may also benefit from this type of policy, especially if the piece already misses an important element.

If your policy has a deductible, the total cost of coverage will be the item’s appraised value after paying it. A separate insurance policy is also a better option than filing a claim against your home or renter’s insurance, since it may affect your chances of approval should there be a greater need in the future. In addition, most insurers only cover up to $2,000 on an insurance claim involving jewelry. That’s because precious items can be easily damaged, lost, or stolen.

Routine cleaning should be part of any jewelry owner’s maintenance checklist. This ensures that your valuables remain in mint condition, increase or retain their value, and may still be passed on as heirlooms. While there are many DIY tips for cleaning, you should consider the risks of damaging it. It’s best to leave the job to a professional.

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