Oral implants; creating smiles all round

What a difference the last five years have made to peoples lives in relation to dentistry. As events change lives, so do tooth implants bring joy and relief to so many. Implant dentistry has developed at a phenomenal pace thanks to technology the standard of service and quality of product has reached an all time high. These amazing developments have made tooth implant procedure a routine treatment for tooth replacement. This means that more people are able to live healthily through proper chewing of their food and are more confident smiling with their new teeth on display.

Using computers to assist dentists

Computers are being used more routinely in actual procedures now to achieve greater accuracy in tooth implant location and reduce bone loss. Shape and colour matching are now computer guided allowing the dentist to match accurately to existing teeth.

No need to live with a missing tooth

Having a tooth missing anywhere in the mouth means that a patient has to compensate by chewing differently. A dental Implant Melbourne can replace one tooth , many teeth or all teeth through a variety of options. In the case of a single tooth, a hole is drilled into the jawbone where the original tooth was located. A titanium post is then screwed into the hole; titanium is used because the bone fuses easily with this material. This post acts as the new tooth’s root providing a stable platform. An abutment is then screwed into the titanium post, which is necessary to provide greater stability and is more aesthetically pleasing. The crown can be placed immediately for a same day teeth procedure or it can be added at the following appointment. The crown is an artificial tooth and the use of technology has really made incredible advances when it comes to matching the shape and colour of crowns so that they blend in with existing teeth.

dental x-ray

How do you treat more than one missing tooth?

Once again, clever technological advances have made it possible to treat multiple missing teeth. By creating a bridge which can support up to four teeth in a row, a single implant is strategically located providing adequate stability. As with one tooth implant, depending on the density of the bone, this procedure can be done in a same day teeth procedure. Oral implants Melbourne can replace a full set of death with a rapid, efficient and comfortable solution removing the need to wear dentures that move and create gum irritation. Called all-on-four, this treatment has been produced using the very latest technology as it is vitally important to locate the four implants in precisely the correct position. Stability is absolutely vital so that a complete arch of dentures can be fitted providing a permanent and natural looking set of teeth.

Smile, eat and maintain your teeth as normal

Once again, it is possible to smile without embarrassment and select whatever food is desired without restriction because tooth implants allow a return to normal dental life without suffering. Care and maintenance is done by regular brushing with a soft brush, flossing and those all important six monthly visits to the dentist.

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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