The Slow Living Movement: How You Can Start This Lifestyle

Many individuals strive to get things done much faster, thinking that it equates to being productive. The reality is, this habit can make you miss out on the best things in life. It gets harder for you to find balance and purpose in life. If you want to better capture and cherish the best moments in your life, practicing slow living is a smart move.

This lifestyle allows you to focus your attention and time on relationships and activities that truly matter. It guides you in eliminating excess commitments on your to-do list and instead embraces healthier habits that give you happiness and contentment. However, engaging in such a lifestyle does not mean you’ll do everything slowly. Slow living is about focusing on things that give your life meaning and happiness. Interested in practicing this lifestyle? Here are four major steps to get you started.

1. Practice being present

A mind that lacks awareness of being present is often inefficient and chaotic. Avoid multitasking and focus your attention on the task you’re doing. If you’re reading a book or writing in your journal, don’t listen to distracting music. If you’re watching a movie, don’t call a friend to catch up. If you are cooking your dinner, just cook. Be mindful of your tasks and engage with them completely. Take time to stop and be aware of your surroundings. Don’t miss out on the interesting and beautiful things around you.

Also, always remember to enjoy being where you are. Many people have the habit of always looking forward to the future, leading to them ignoring the present. Don’t waste time waiting for events to happen, and just enjoy what you have at the moment.

2. Move into a suitable home

Changing the living environment is probably one of the biggest steps when shifting to slow living. Many people committed to practicing this lifestyle build their own unique rural homes or farmhouses in the countryside. If this is a life-changing action that you’re willing to take, focus on getting a dependable foundation builder to ensure the longer lifespan of your structure. Building a new country home is a major investment for a lifestyle change, so make sure it stands on a strong foundation.

Besides the house itself, you can also create your own edible garden where you can cultivate food. This gives you a chance to practice horticulture much easier. Growing your own food is a key point in the slow living movement. If building a suitable property is out of the budget, you can first try renting a place in the countryside or get a readily-built home.

3. Prep and cook your food


Regardless if you own a country house with an edible garden or not, making your own food is a great way to practice slow living. You might be someone who’s always busy and before you know it, it’s past your lunch or dinner time. Some people rush their meals to get other things done. Others enjoy the convenience and instant gratification. Instead of ordering takeouts, spend time preparing and cooking your own meals.

You’d be surprised with how much this simple habit change can make. You don’t have to learn gourmet dishes. It can be as simple as a baked salmon with salad or an instant pot chicken marinara. Not only can you enjoy a healthier and cheaper meal, but it can also give you a sense of satisfaction and achievement. Lastly

4. Develop a resting habit

Many individuals engage in habits that focus on entertainment. But if you want to get into the slow living lifestyle, it’s time to focus on habits that come with rest. You can enjoy a good cup of coffee or chocolate drink every morning while enjoying the fresh air in your yard. You can spend at least 15 minutes journaling or reading before you go to sleep. You can set a time for exercise or walk outside in nature. Or you can just devote one entire day just for yourself without social or work engagements.

Choose the habits that don’t just support relaxation but also add value to your life. Life isn’t a race, so pace yourself in a way that you can appreciate what you have now.

The slow living movement is an ideal way to live your life with intention and purpose. It guides you in reconnecting with your loved ones and provides you with more space and time to rediscover yourself. And for practical reasons, people who engage in slow living can perform better at work and save more money.

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