Packing for Pouring: 3 Ways to Protect Your Items from Getting Wet While Moving

You’ve been planning your move for months. You’ve chosen the most convenient date and have booked one of the local moving companies in Broward County to help you on that day. But, when the big day finally comes, an unexpected downpour welcomes you. You can’t postpone the move and wait for better weather. So, what can you do to make things work?


Traveling when the weather is not on your side can add to your stress. This becomes an even bigger challenge when both your current and your destination are experiencing inclement weather conditions.


Thankfully, with proper care, your plans can still carry on. On the day of your move, monitor your local weather forecasts. If there’s any prediction for rains, make the necessary preparations when you pack and assume that all your items will get wet. It will be easier to minimize or completely avoid damage if you’ve made the right packing process should your items come in contact with moisture.


Here are some of the best ways to keep all your belongings safe and dry as you move to your new home:

Wrap everything that you can


When it comes to protecting your boxes and belongings from getting wet, plastic wraps are a must-have. Moving blankets won’t work to keep your items dry. After all, they’re not waterproof or even water-resistant. Also referred to as stretch wrap, a plastic moving wrap can be used to create a barrier against the rain for all your items that will get damaged when wet.


If you don’t have these, regular garbage bags and tarps may also work to cover your belongings. However, remember that you also need to tightly seal all of these to make sure moisture won’t get in. If you’ll only need to keep them dry while they’re getting transferred from your old home to the moving truck, then you don’t have much to worry about.

Strengthen weak or damaged boxes


While packing, see how sturdy and waterproof all the containers you used to pack your stuff. For those that might bend or break easily, layer more packing tape around the corners for added durability. Increase the waterproof nature of all your plastic tubs by using plastic to cover any openings and taping them securely for moisture protection. Instead of using more heavy-duty plastics, go for grocery or garbage bags or other lightweight plastic options.

Wipe off and dry everything as you load them


Happy smiling couple moving in a new house and carrying carton boxes


Take out some towels you’ve already packed and put them inside the moving truck. As your boxes or furniture pieces are getting carried, wipe them off once they’re in the truck to get rid of excess moisture. Whenever an item get in, dry it immediately, especially if these are your pricey furniture pieces. After all, you won’t be able to dry off your wet cardboard. Keep a few towels inside the truck. Doing so will help remove excess moisture and lessen any water-related damages to your items.


The weather is out of our control, but don’t let bad weather conditions add to your already stressful move. With these ideas, you’ll be able to protect all your precious belongings.

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