Spice Up Your Office Cubicle with These Tips

Working in an office setting can put you in a roller coaster of emotions. Loads of paperwork and even office politics can take a toll on your work performance. If you are lucky, you might have co-workers whom you can mingle with during lunch time and coffee breaks.

Everyone needs to take a breather at the end of the day. Offices in Salt Lake City and other places have designated cubicles where employees work. Your working environment can also influence your office mood for the day.

It should be that moment when you get excited to sit in your cubicle and start the day right. Then, you notice that your cubicle is not as welcoming as the morning sunshine. How can you be productive if your working space is a bore? What can you do then? Have an office cubicle makeover!

A lively cubicle can make boring office work more worthwhile. Plus, you can unleash your inner creative and add a personal touch to your workspace.

Workspace and productivity

There are some studies that link a conducive workspace with work productivity. Here are some of the findings based on several studies.

One study revealed that seeing anything red within their cubicle may affect their productivity. This may be because of the unusual association of the red color with failure. Remember when your teacher back in school uses red pens to check test papers? It may support the study’s finding.

Adding some greens such as a plant with rounded leaves can make you calmer. It will also help distract us in a good way. When you feel stressed, you can simply stare at the plant, and you will feel better. Don’t forget to water it regularly.

Working in a cubicle can also help in increasing productivity. A cubicle also provides privacy from passers-by.

Adding life to your workspace

Modern office cubiclesThere are some companies that do not put cubicles for their workers. Apparently, a cubicle-less office encourages collaboration and camaraderie among employees.

However, cubicles are not yet out of the picture. In fact, some still prefer working in a cubicle office so they can focus more on work. If you work in an office cubicle, here are some tips to make you more productive and motivated.

  • Add plants and flowers on your desk.
  • Put a corkboard and add colorful papers and accessories on it.
  • Use a motivational quote or a Bible-based quote as your computer wallpaper.
  • Add a plush and colorful throw pillow on your chair. This will come in handy on short siesta breaks.
  • Come up with a color scheme and decorate your cubicle with items with that specific color. Better yet, choose bright colors like orange, red, yellow, and the like.
  • Add a colorful calendar to your desk.
  • Add picture frames, preferably with different shapes and sizes.
  • DIY your office supply storage. Use a colorful tray or clear jars for clips, pens, post-its, etc.
  • Choose a comfortable chair, one that offers support to your back.

There are a gazillion ways to spruce up your office cubicle. Creativity and resourcefulness are the keys to achieve a conducive and lively work office space.

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