Utilitarian Vehicles for the No-Nonsense Driver

People admire cars in different ways. Some focus on how a vehicle looks, appreciating the curves and trimmings that pepper the car’s body. Others get excited over performance. They would gladly count how much horsepower a car has and how fast it could go. And there are practical drivers who go for more value they can get from point A to point B.

If you are looking into getting a car, you should research basic repairs and maintenance, as well. In particular, everyone should learn how to change tires. You will never know when your car runs over a sharp object, so knowing how to get that exchanged for the spare in your trunk is beneficial. If you do not have the right tools, it is recommended that you scour the internet for posts that show tire changers for sale. It is a useful tool to always have in your trunk.

Speaking of usefulness, if you are looking for vehicles of the utilitarian type, here are some examples:

Sport Utility Vehicles

While they have improved a lot over the years in terms of aesthetics, sports utility vehicles or SUVs are still recognized for their various practical features. Their size and weight should give you peace of mind knowing you will be safe inside. In the unlikely case of impact, there is a huge chance that you will escape relatively unscathed. It is roomy enough to have seats for more passengers or haul large objects. SUVs are also taller than other cars, which gives them an advantage when it comes to navigating flooded areas. Finally, there are options where you can have a four-wheel drive, which comes in handy on off-road situations.

Pickup Trucks

truck at night

Nothing can be more spartan than a pickup truck. This is a vehicle that is comfortable enough to carry a handful of passengers, but it is also a beast if you need to move stuff. The open flatbed at the rear is spacious, and this should be enough for large items like cabinets or refrigerators. You will just need to be creative with how to tie them down so they do not go all over the place once you get moving. Others want to forego this function and install a camper shell, instead. It is an enclosure that converts the flatbed into extra rows of passenger seats. You will no longer be able to move bulky objects, but even with the shell, you pretty much still have plenty of room for cargo.

Dune Buggy

The scorching heat of the desert can convert any closed vehicle into ovens. If you do not want to experience that, you can bounce over and hit the sandy hills with a dune buggy. This is a vehicle that has an open frame for a body, which would eliminate that problem of being toasted in a confined space. The steel bars that make up the frame should be sturdy enough to protect you in case the vehicle tumbles. The tires and drivetrain are built to run over fine sands without problems.

Sometimes, you want to get something that just works, and that is exactly what these utility vehicles deliver. So hop on and push them to their limits. They would surely be up for the challenge.

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