Ways to Maximize Your Laser Production Project

Also known as engraving or etching, metal cutting with laser technology in Utah is one of the simplest and accurate ways to bring a design to life. Although cutting out and designing a small sign by hand can be easy, laser cutting goes beyond what a designer can do with their hands. You can use it for multi-layered design and lettering that even an experienced artisan would struggle to execute.

One interesting thing about laser cutting and engraving systems is that they can cut out an intricate design and etch a pattern at a higher speed than other metal fabrication techniques. Of course, every laser engraving business out there wants to maximize their production. You might need to ask yourself whether your laser is running efficiently or not.

Adjust the Resolution

Adjusting the resolution can help an artist increase throughput when cutting out or designing metal ornaments. Of course, any engraving job requires a clear image, and the higher the resolution, the longer a metal sheet or wooden board will take to engrave. Lowering the engraving resolution can help an artist save up to 33% of the time they would spend on a project. You can consider using the Epilog print driver that has dithering patterns to lower the resolution.

Use One Batch to Engrave Several Items

Printing multiple items is one way to reduce production time. Instead of engraving a single board at a time, consider working on several objects with the same design such as coasters and plaques. Engraving in batches helps users save up to 37% of the time that would be required to complete a project. However, the number of objects an artist can engrave depends on factors such as the size of the table. As such, it might be necessary to expand the capacity of the graphic design program to match the table size of the engraver or laser.

Industrial laser

Use Color Mapping

Artists can use color mapping to save as much time on engraving as possible. You can use color mapping to assign each column on an associated engraving order and skip all the white space. With color mapping, the laser engraves each column at a time and will travel over the white lines before shifting to the next column sets. Color mapping can save an artist up to 43% of their total cost and time, but this depends on the items they’re engraving.

Use the Job Manager

One way to streamline the laser processing workflow is to use the job manager. It lets artists save time and access their materials database and time recorders. You can even tailor this software to replicate and locate a job easily at the touch of a button.

Over time, laser cutting technology has gained popularity among companies that specialize in cutting and engraving signage. You can now engrave almost any design on materials such as laminates, plastic, stone, stainless steel, glass, and textile. Artists with the right equipment should use their skill to engrave desired lettering, design, and symbols on any material.

Industries use this technology for engraving their mementos, steel mugs, logos, and etch glass gifts with quotes and names. It has never been easier to etch a cutout or pattern an intricate design than with laser cutting and engraving technology. These tips will ensure the best laser results and increase your overall productivity.

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