What Home Services are Worth It Before Selling Your Home?

Are you torn between investing in home services and selling your home as-is? Then know that this is a common dilemma faced by home sellers. Whatever your reason for selling, you surely want to get the most out of the sale. If you have the funds and there are necessary maintenance and repairs that require the expertise of a professional, then it only makes sense to invest in different home services. But the question is, which ones are worth investing in?

Drywall Services

There can be a lot of different reasons why damages occurred in your drywall. The most common ones include doorknob damage, popping nails, cracking, furniture scuffs, and a loosened joint tape. Some bigger causes of drywall damage are tile removal damage, water damage, and termite damage.

You could be one of those homeowners who are unbothered by walls with holes and cracks. But you cannot say the same with home buyers. For smaller holes, you can opt to DIY the project with a bit of spackling compound and spot painting.

But once you start seeing bigger holes and other drywall damages that can easily attract the attention of your buyers, it would be best to call a reliable home repair specialist. They can fix any hole, cracks, and other unsightly damage on your walls. You will soon forget you have a drywall issue in the first place after seeing your wall in a picture-perfect state.

Electrical Services

Are there flickering lights around the house? Is your home at least 20 years old? Or maybe you rely too much on an extension cord? All these and other electrical shows are clear signs that you need a licensed electrician to work on your home before selling.

Remember that these days, people use too many appliances and gadgets. If there are only one or two outlets in each room, especially in the common areas, then your buyers will have to use too many extension cords. If they have kids, and they often use lots of electrical devices all at once, the last thing they want is an electrical fire risk home.

No home buyer would be willing to buy a house that clearly has electrical issues. If one is making a significant investment like a home purchase, one of their top priorities is the safety of the house. Give them one less issue to worry about by letting a pro handle your electrical problem.

Plumbing Services

Not all home buyers would demand a home inspection. But according to state rules, homeowners are required to disclose different information to the seller. This includes your home’s home repair history and the current issues you are facing, such as a plumbing issue.

The last thing you want is for your home to fail a home inspection. This can be due to a leaky toilet, dripping faucets, clogged drains, plumbing leaks, or exterior plumbing issues. You’re better off dealing with such issues beforehand to avoid experiencing delays in the sale, or worse, your home buyer from backing out at the last minute.

HVAC Services

No home buyer would want a failed HVAC system. If your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system fails to deliver as expected, this can affect your home value. Even an outdated system can turn off potential home buyers since this means additional costs for them.

This is not to say that you necessarily need an HVAC system upgrade. What you can do is to call in a local HVAC technician and have them check, clean, and repair your system as needed. You need to make sure your HVAC can quickly adjust to a set temperature that can suit the needs of different people.

Do keep an HCAV maintenance record. Write down the technician you hired for the past cleaning, maintenance, and repair. Include their contact details and the date of maintenance. Don’t forget to keep any transferable warranty information for the next owner of your home.

Handyman Services

DIY Project

If you simply don’t have time to handle simple home maintenance and repair tasks you can DIY, you can always call a local handyman. They can do a wide range of tasks for you and already have the necessary tools and equipment to complete the job.

They can do the following tasks for you:

  • Painting projects
  • Shower, sink, or tub caulking
  • Flooring repairs and installation
  • Sealing cracks in asphalt and concrete
  • Door and window repair or installation
  • Replacing old hardware like locks, hinges, doorknobs, and handles

These may seem like little projects you can go without. But remember that a home buyer’s first impression can make or break a sale. You’re better off investing in handyman services if you can’t afford to DIY these projects on your own.

Selling your home as is can save you time and money. But this can also lead to a lower sale price. With the number of home services available, you can hire the pros and sell your home at a more attractive rate. You don’t have to settle for a lower price just to attract multiple offers. You can get the most out of the sale by fixing the necessary repairs.

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