Why It’s a Good Decision to Switch to Bamboo Bed Sheets

Sleep plays a huge role in one’s physical and mental health, as it is necessary to give the body time to repair and heal after a long day. Ongoing sleep problems have been linked to a number of diseases, including diabetes, stroke, heart disease, high blood pressure, and more. If you’ve still been having trouble getting a good sleep despite not really being tired and living a rather healthy lifestyle, there could be something you can do about how you sleep.

In that regard, having high-quality beddings such as bamboo bed sheets and Egyptian cotton sheets are a popular topic.

Why are bed linens a big deal when it comes to achieving high-quality sleep? Fundamental to good rest is a comfortable environment, and the type of fabric you use on your bed matters. The challenge is achieving a balance between feeling warm enough for comfort and cool enough to drift off to dreamland. Among the many types of fabrics for beddings, bamboo is a top choice.

Benefits of Bamboo Sheets

There are three main reasons bamboo is a preferred material over the usual cotton sheets or linens. First, it helps regulate body temperature; second, it is hypoallergenic; and third, it feels super soft against the skin.

Before talking about each benefit, know that there are different types of bamboo beddings: bamboo linen, bamboo rayon, and viscose from bamboo. Most manufacturers employ a chemical process to create bamboo linen, and that’s okay. This creates the viscose and rayon version. However, those that are made using the mechanical method (bamboo linen) deliver more benefits because they are made with natural enzymes.

Natural Coolness

woman comfortable and happy sleeping

As a natural fiber, bamboo fabrics have a built-in thermostat, which means they can regulate the temperature according to your body and your environment. Among the different materials for beddings, bamboo’s thermostat is the coolest, producing a fiber that is reportedly 3 degrees lowers than cotton. They also have a higher absorbency and moisture-wicking factor, which is why they are a popular choice for making underwear.


Bamboo naturally grows without the need for any pesticides, and as a fabric, it is resistant to diseases and insects. Materials that have been treated with chemical products can make those with sensitive skin flare up with rashes and allergies. You are less likely to sleep and wake up with watery eyes and the sniffles with this material.

Super Soft

A good night’s sleep depends on how comfortable you feel while in bed, and bamboo will not disappoint. In fact, it is super soft and silky; even more than cotton. Take note that not all bamboo sheets are the same, though they are still collectively better. The best among them are those made with 100% bamboo viscose.

No matter what type of beddings you get, their longevity and quality last depending on how you care for them. Be sure to check the washing instructions to avoid damaging the material. Typically, bamboo sheets come with a one-year replacement warranty, but those who have used it say that it can last as long as five years without any traces of wear.

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