Choosing the Most Flattering Hairstyles for Men

A man’s style and overall physical appearance are drastically influenced by their choice of haircut. The hair is considered a person’s crowning glory, and contrary to popular belief, it is just as applicable for men as it is for women. There are moments where people have admitted to doing a double-take just to be sure that they were looking at the same person they knew before the haircut. The trick now is to make that look of surprise of other people into something positive. To do that, you would need to choose the right haircut. There are various classic haircuts for men you wouldn’t worry about running out of choices. It’s only a matter of choosing a perfect one that would flatter your face shape. Here is a simple guide on how to choose:

Haircuts for Oval-Shaped Faces

Before choosing the right haircut, you would first need to determine what your face shape is. Oval-shaped faces normally have elongated faces with a greater width than the cheekbones, and the jawline is slightly less long than the forehead. An oval-shaped face is considered to be one of the easiest face shapes to try and experiment with different haircuts on. Thanks to the symmetry of the face, the volume of the hair wouldn’t affect the style by a lot. But according to experts, putting too much fringe on the forehead would bring out the roundness of the face, so short back and sides haircuts (like the French crop fade) with a side-swept parting would highlight enough attention to your forehead just enough, unlike long fringes.

Haircuts for Rectangular Faces

This face shape is considered to be the longest among the typical face shapes, and for this reason, it requires a specific type of style that isn’t as flexible as the styles for oval-shaped faces to avoid from making a face appear longer. The sides shouldn’t be cut too short to avoid the illusion of length in the face, so the top and the sides should be cut in equal lengths for the hair to frame the face proportionally.

Haircuts for Square Faces

This is the type of face shape considered to be the most ‘masculine,’ with sharp jawlines protruding the sides of the face, but is also just as versatile with any type of haircuts, just like those with oval-shaped faces. Long and short haircuts would work well for men with square face shapes, but shorter, clean, and neat haircuts bring out the proportions of the face better—like buzz cuts and close fades. Being clean-shaven or keeping a short beard to pair the haircut with would also highlight the sides of the face better.

Haircuts for Round Faces

This face shape doesn’t have enough natural cuts and angles on the face, unlike the previous face shapes, so the trick now is to choose a haircut with the right structure that gives the illusion that it does. A pompadour is a classic haircut that has been around for a while and is still being worn today, and the type that is perfect for round-shaped faces, for the volume of hair on the top, would give the face shape and edges. Choosing haircuts with sharp sides—like flat tops—would create the illusion of sharp edges to contrast the soft features of the face.

man having hair cut

Choosing the right haircut and maintaining the right growth would greatly influence your style for the better. But any haircut, no matter what kind or what face shape it frames, would only look twice as good when worn with confidence.

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