Effective Ways to Transform Your Plain Living Room

What purpose does your living room serve your home? Is this the place where your family often spends quality time together? Do you use this to read books or even to take a nap? Or maybe you only use this area to entertain guests?

No matter its purpose, it pays to give your living room the makeover it rightfully deserves. But the question is, how can you start turning a dull living room into a stunning area inside your home? Here are a few ideas that you can consider adding to your to-do list.

Invest in the right furniture.

When it comes to your living room’s furniture, size and quality are what matters the most. What’s the point of buying one of the most expensive sofa and chairs if they only look good but don’t feel comfortable to sit on? Why buy a large coffee table when you barely have enough space for traffic? When purchasing any furniture, such as a sofa purchase, make sure to consider the size and quality. Move your new furniture around and find the best spot where these look visually appealing, making sure there is enough room for foot traffic.

Consider an open concept.

Are you tired of your tiny living room? Then why not consider breaking down a wall and welcome an open concept? Usually, the wall connecting your dining room and living room is an excellent spot to work on. It allows you to have more space for your living room, giving the illusion of an even bigger space. Don’t forget about decluttering your living room as any non-essential clutter can make the room look smaller.

Maximize natural light.

well-lit living room

Why invest in lots of artificial lighting when sunlight is all-natural, not to mention free? Deep clean your windows and turn to gorgeous sheer curtains. This way, you get to invite more sunlight into the living room. Not a fan of curtains? You can always choose roman shades instead. These are easy to clean and maintain, and you can lower the shades if the sunlight gets too bright for your taste.

Revamp your walls.

Your walls can make or break your living room, considering this is among the biggest in this area. Instead of having a blank canvas or an old wall-papered wall, why not do a fresh splash of paint? Wall treatment is also a good way to brighten your wall instantly. Consider the color of your ceiling and furniture to avoid an eye-offensive contrast.

Use the right-sized area rugs.

Many homeowners find it hard to buy an area rug for their living rooms. To avoid making a huge mistake, make sure to check the right measures. As a general rule, your area rug should be able to sit your sofa, chairs, and center table. If this is not possible, the front legs of all main pieces of furniture need to be inside the rug. By choosing the right-sized area rug and arranging your furniture right, the living room will not look disjointed.

The living room is usually where family members can gather to spend quality time together. It can also serve as an area where guests are welcomed and entertained. Since this is one of the few rooms you first see when entering and visiting the house, it is only a must that you pay attention to it. By giving your living room a makeover, you can make a great impression on your guests and have a functional common area for the family.

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