Which Furniture Pieces Can You Use in a Small Space?

Real estate in Singapore is costly. And while Singapore homes are not the smallest in Asia, they still tend to be smaller than those in many other countries. The average size of a private flat now stands at 85 square metres. As a homeowner, you need to be creative in how you decorate your home to maximize the available space. It will determine how much are you have to move around.

Here are a few pointers to help you out in decorating your home:

   1. A coffee table with shelving

In small spaces, a coffee table is important. It can serve as the place where you put your food instead of a large dining table that doesn’t fit. You can move it around quickly if you have guests and you need more space.

But a coffee table should not just provide a surface to place your food, remote, or decorative objects. If you have an issue with a small space, you need to think outside the box. What you need is not the most expensive coffee table that Singapore has to offer but the most practical one available. That means shopping around for a table with the right kind of shelving underneath.

If you choose a coffee table with an open shelf, then you can compartmentalise the space by using metallic organizers or hampers. Use different baskets to store various things.

You can also buy a table that has partly- or full-closed shelves. These can be used to store items that you use within your living space. They include CDs, books, magazines, newspapers, coasters, etc. You can even store work documents and arts and crafts items if you use these often.

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   2. A sectional sofa

Sofa designs have come a long way over the years. One kind of sofa you should consider buying for a small space is the sectional sofa. A sectional sofa is the kind of seating that is composed of different independent sections that you can rearrange in different positions.

A sectional sofa can be rearranged to form a temporary bed when you have extra guests. You can also move the various pieces to other areas of your small home to provide multiple seating areas. When there are several rooms in your home, the ability to shift those pieces to improve the flow is going to be useful.

   3. A hall tree

A hall tree is a furniture piece that you can place near the entrance of your home. It is designed to have hooks on which you can hang your coats, hats, umbrella, handbags, etc. Many of them also have a build-in bench or shoe rack.

When you have a small space, you should think about furniture pieces that take as little space as possible. A hall tree is suitable for this purpose. Most of them are designed to take advantage of vertical space, thus having multiple layers of storage.

Remember, no rule says you must have a hall tree in your entryway or near the living room. So you can buy the furniture piece to store your clothes and shoes in your bedroom, too. It takes minimal space and works wonders.

Living in a small home can be enjoyable. But to make maximum use of your available space, you need to be creative. That is why you should buy furniture pieces that are not only decorative but also functional. So find your way to your local furniture shop and shop with extra storage in mind.

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