Is Fresh and Healthy Food Making a Techy Comeback?

Good food is getting harder to find. Despite the advances in nutrition science and food chemistry, more and more people are being lured to eating food that is not healthy or enough to sustain daily dietary needs. The healthy choice is left somewhere in the hard-to-reach corners of the city, even more difficult to find and more expensive to purchase. These are the true-blue restaurants that are manned by chefs, those who know food’s taste, delectability, and goodness. You can dream of eating at those restaurants. Or you can imagine chef-made meals delivered to your doorstep. The latter is becoming a hot trend.

Inconvenience in Preparing Healthier Meals

Many non-fast-food restaurants are learning that people are not just too busy with work that fast food selections are the easiest to find but also that preparing healthy food is becoming more inconvenient. Preparing a healthy meal is indeed a tough task nowadays. Time is obviously a culprit. But being informed of the ways to cook food or eat the right food seems muddled by countless preoccupations led by a professional life.

Truly, the working person is becoming more detached from the healthy choices of decades past. These old and classical food choices are almost nowhere to be seen in popular culture. Just watch television between 6 p.m. and 11 p.m., and you will be bombarded by endless fast food and unhealthy food ads. This reality is enough to prompt the arrival of chef-made meals in many businesses, schools, and now at people’s doorstep.

Good Food Delivery: An Emerging Business Hotspot

food delivery

Of course, we have heard of schools that are producing food startups that cater not only to students who are skipping meals before going to class but also to those who have lost their appetite to good food. According to the NPD Group, a market research firm, there has been a 20 percent growth in food delivery sales from 2012 to 2017, all thanks to mobile apps that are taking advantage of this previously unheeded market need.

The trend is roseate if you just look at these apps’ growing popularity. However, is society ready to eat healthy again? Maybe, or maybe not. Popular culture is the hardest to beat as mass food production has paved a way to appetites that were never seen in the last century. That change only needs to happen in less than two decades. But more and more fresh and healthy meals being delivered straight from a chef is something to watch out for. Maybe software technology can outweigh the ills of man’s unbelievable fast food appetite.

Human food is probably the most redefined and reinvented of all human creations. To meet market demand, mass production and distribution must adapt in a global scale. To battle time constraints in preparing food, fast food was invented, all to the joy of the ever-busy professional. Now, to revisit the nutritious and acculturate the modern eater, we are finding ways to go fresh and healthy. Indeed, the fresh and the healthy are making a techy comeback.

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